One new thing to love…


The other day I was sitting on my couch, like I often do, and started staring at the ceiling over my island in the kitchen. You see our house started as an early 80’s single wide trailer. The original owners built a small addition to it, along with putting it on a real deal foundation with a small basement storage that was only accessible from outside. When I moved in it was just me and my two kiddos from my first marriage. Since there were only two bedrooms, I took the small one and the darlings took the “master.”

Some time later, Prince Charming swept me off my feet and we needed more space. Well, we looked into taking the trailer off the lot (we are at a lake with two big lots, not a trailer park), then we considered moving (again at a lake with two big lots!), and ultimately decided to build an addition on the addition. Crazy right? It was the most financially responsible decision at that time. The plan is to eventually take care of the remaining trailer by demo and reconstruction.

Why all the back story? Well I’m staring at that part of the ceiling (that I still need to paint) and decide I need a pendant light…but wiring isn’t gonna happen. It’s in the “still trailer” part of the house, and I’m not that handy. So I google battery powered pendant lights and find what I think might be the only battery powered pendant light that a 45 min google search will give you at Improvements!


Coolest part is the light has a remote and everything! Click, click, BUY. It came yesterday and I convinced Prince Charming aka daddy clown to put it up! Still wondering why the story from before?


Well, because in my picture you’ll see the two different ceilings we have…one trailer kind, and one addition kind. Oh and fail again on taking a before picture. Just imagine the pendant not there and that’s the before. 🙂

We all think the light is pretty nifty, the almost-two-year-old points at it and giggles, and the older two noticed it straight off the school bus this afternoon. I stuck the remote with the adhesive strip it came with right under the edge of the island, pretty handy if I do say so myself!

Love, love, love!

P.S. I know, I know, I have ceiling lights that look like girl parts. What can I say, they were cheap!


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