Clean Tuesday!


Tuesday in the house is cleaning day. I know, why Tuesday? Well we used to have a lovely gal come help tidy up when I was at work, and Tuesday was the day she could do it. Now that I’m home though, it made no sense to keep doing that, plus we can save some $$$$! So far it’s working just fine. We kept the day the same because Mondays are a good night for the older kiddos to clean up their rooms enough for a vacuum to come through.

So in celebration of my duties I checked out Etsy for some stylish cleaning gear. I found these cutesy gloves at a store called Fresh Studio. You know if your gonna stick your hand in a toilet, at least it should look cute!


The shop owner actually sent two left gloves and was quick on the fix and sent two rights the next day! I’m saving the extra pair for when I wear the first ones out.

Something about a clean house is so relaxing! Here are some pics of the word’s smallest “master bath.” I actually kinda love it…plus it’s easy to clean!! (warning…cell phone pics coming, too lazy to get the camera out..all that scrubbing you know)




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