Yikes – brave new world!


Ok not really! I mean I’ve blogged before, but in really random spurts and for really random reasons. So this little adventure is not really all that new. I have facebook after all (even if I never post to it, it still counts).

Latest addiction – reading home blogs for inspiration! Latest fail – not photographing anything I’ve done in my house over the past 2 years! Boy is there some major stuff too! So rather than feel remorse about it any longer, I’m going to start from here on out!

So to kick it off I’m posting a pic of something that just came in the mail today, and I’m IN LOVE! We took the 3 kiddos to vacation in Ocean Shores and there is a DARLING place called the Dusty Trunk. They have such cool beachy fun things in there I always leave with something. So one purchase was a custom order sign. They have a ton of them around the store, but since we live near a lake and not a beach (fyi I live near a lake) I had the owner order me this beauty so we could hang it. Down at the bottom it says the name of our lake and our names. Not that I don’t love all you people who I don’t know (considering there are 0 people reading right now I don’t know what I’m worried about). But the internet freaks me out a bit considering my kiddos so I blurred out the details, but left all the cuteness!!

Now where to hang it!!!!


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